Tales Bent

From The Undergrowth,

Of A World Less Traveled.

Cyprus is home. It is my pleasure to tell her stories. 

The first sea-faring explorer, Sargon the Great, describes Cyprus as a land in the sea of the setting sun. Explorer upon conqueror has breached her shores for centuries. Still, the people of this island remain the most compassionate, dedicated, and honest of any I have ever met.


The Storytelling

Copper; Kupros; Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus is rich in history boasting artifacts that date back to the first century. The port city of Larnaca thrives today much the same as in antiquity, her survival steeped in strategy.  Cyprus has always been strategically important, starting with the discovery of Bronze. Bronze is composed of 17% tin and 83% copper, making Cyprus the primary parent in the birth of the Bronze Age. In fact, Copper takes its name from the Greek word for Cyprus, Kupros.

Cyprus holds the richest copper deposits per surface area in the world. Copper was indispensably important in antiquity and brought great wealth to ancient Cypriots, allowing her Kings to commission works of art in sanctuaries such as Delphi or build fleets of warships. A double-edged sword, the mining of copper has sustained the island’s economy and devastated her landscape in both modern and ancient times.


It was because of copper that the King of Alashiya (Cyprus) could address the Pharaoh of Egypt, as; Brother”

Vasiliki Kassianidou

Director of the Archaeological Research Unit, Department of History and Archaeology, , University of Cyprus

It was because of copper that the King of Alashiya (Cyprus) could address the Pharaoh of Egypt, as; Brother”

Vasiliki Kassiandiou

Director of the Archaeological Research Unit, Depart of History and Archaeochaeology, University of Cyprus

The Copper Shop

Halcoessa, Larnaca


I have long admired the copper shop, Halcoessa, from a distance. Over the years I have watched the three brothers maintain the traditional methods of copper welding under the Cyprus sun, only slightly shaded by a 14th Century Ottoman basilica. The Cyprus sun is a subject all her own, an independent actor in all my shots. In August she is despotic, daring all beneath to underestimate her power.

For over 30 years  Halcoessa has sold the finest copper ornaments and antiques, located in the heart of the Merchants sector of the ancient city of Larnaca. Last August I was staying in a little apartment across the street and finally ventured inside…

Let’s Build Something

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