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Susan White

Marketer. Communicator. Project Manager. Business Developer.



Susan White.

Marketer, communicator, project manager, business developer.  Learn more about me, my impact, and my passions.                                                           

  • ^Project Management
  • ^Content Creation
  • ^Business Development
  • ^Communications and Marketing
  • ^Strategic Planning
  • ^Digital Storytelling
  • ^CRM
  • ^Adobe Creative Suite : Acrobat, Photoshop Lightroom, InDesign, Spark
  • ^MS Suite Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word
  • ^Digital Tools: WordPress, GoPro, Quik, LumaFusion, Final Cut Pro
  • ^Experience Coordinating Medical Travel
  • ^Creative Writer and Poet
  • ^Freelance Photographer
  • ^Event Planning

About Me


Atlanta has been my home-base since 2001. During my time here I have worked in both the public and private sectors in communication and marketing,  business development, project management, and programming.  My diverse personal background has aided in my accomplishments and brought fresh perspectives to the organizations I was proud to be a part of. I strive to find and maintain balance in all areas of my life. Keep scrolling to learn more about me and my passions. 


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Companies & Projects

I have lived and worked in the heart of Downtown Atlanta for over 10 years. During that time I designed and implemented small business programming to continue education for entreprenuers and small business owners. My programs have been implemented by top tier universities, including Georiga State University and the University of Georgia, as well as major American companies like Georgia Power. 


I started as the Director of Communication for Dayo Women in January of 2019. Dayo Women is more than the premier destination for stylish, modern women who want to find high-quality, elegant women’s loungewear. Dayo mean’s ‘Happiness has arrived’, and Dayo Women is a ‘Movement for Her’. Working with Founder and CEO Yolanda White continues to be an extraordinary experience and the highlight of my professional career. 

Featured Creative Project

Humans have told stories to celebrate and preserve culture and customs since man first chalked the wall of a cave. I continue that tradition digitally, honoring the history of the stories I tell in modern-day form. This month’s feature is The Copper Shop Collection. 


Creative Writing


Creative Writing

Self-Love or Splurging? Learning the Difference Over Time

Appropriately, the little Jewelry store is just inside the Venetian Walls once used to protect the city from outside invaders, the star-shaped fortress, now landmarks my favorite treasure trove. Silver of all shapes and sizes surround you when you walk in, broken ever so slightly by mother of pearl in bright blue. Traditionally painted bowls dot the interior with crisp notes of lemon, and deep clay-red.

Can’t Fake Self Love

Self-love used to be an excuse to spend an entire “down day” on the couch eating whatever I wanted and binge-watching shows I can’t remember now. Clearly, I missed the point of what it meant to love myself, and at times made that process even harder after the liberties I’d taken in the name of a reward. I definitely didn’t love the headache derived from an albeit accidental hangover. It turned into a vicious cycle I somehow had to break. Sometimes life gives us a clear before and after type opportunity, and I got one of those recently.

The Day I Got My Dayo – I Felt Pure Joy

As a young child, my confidence got me kicked out of ballet for taking over the class. And as a young adult, my confidence landed me at the podium in the general assembly hall of the United Nations. Life has a way of reshaping the blissful fearlessness of our youth into the cautious skepticism of over-informed adults. We gain knowledge, we gain experience, and I gained weight.

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If you know me from another life, or would like to talk about ways we can work together please get in touch.